"In life there are no solutions, there are only active forces ; they must be created and the solutions will follow".

                                                                              Antoine de Saint Exupery


Work with me


for businesses


I accompany business companies as well as other collective structures (associations, schools, etc.) in view of preventing or managing situations of conflict. I offer different options:

- a monthly one-day stand by presence 

- one-day training session in conflict management

- mediations for ongoing conflict

Day rate: 1 200 euros.

Hourly rate: 250 euros.

for individuals

Regardless of the origin of the conflict, I offer one or more sessions of mediation for persons in a situation of conflict and who want to solve the dispute.


For example: a problem between neighbors, a relationship issued within a family, a dispute between colleagues at word, etc.


Hourly rate: 80 euros/hour.

individual/group accompaniment

Accompaniment sessions (for individual or groups) aim to help individuals and professionals manage a situation of conflict that they are not part of and identify the suitable tools to use to solve the dispute.


For example, such a case could present itself if you have to facilitate a meeting where persons with diverging interests are present whose behaviors make dialogue and coming to a mutually agreed solution difficult.


Minimum duration: 1 hour;

Houly rate: 80 euros/hour (for individuals)

200 euros/hour (for businesses)



Learning goals :

  • Understanding conflict as a lever for professional and personal transformation

  • Being able, in the face of the development of a conflict, to grasp its issues in order to facilitate resolution

  • Bring interlocutors from a confrontational position to a collaborative position in order to develop a common interest to resolve the conflit

About me



Official registration as judicial mediator for the Appeal Court in Toulouse.


I am a professional mediator since late 2016. I was trained by Mr. Gary Friedman in San Francisco (The Center for Understanding In Conflict, USA), who is a world known mediator with over 40 years of experience.

I began to practice co-mediation with Mr. Claude Amar (well-known French mediator) for national and international commercial affaires and disputes between associates.

Hence I have handled judicial and conventional co-mediations in Paris and have thus developed my professional experience.

Legal attorney by education, with a graduate degree in Social law and Humans resources from the University of Lille as well as a Post graduate degree (DESS) in Company law from the University Laval in Quebec, I have already worked as a legal attorney in business and in the legal and judicial domains.


Through these various professional experiences I became more and more determined to practice mediation.


Instinctively, I have always been convinced that to meet around a table in the presence of and assisted by a person not involved in the conflict was a means of facilitating their exchanges and thus making it possible to more easily resolve the dispute.

At the same time as I practice my professional activity I am also actively involved in developing mediation by deepening awareness through research work on theoretical questions at the University of Toulouse Capitole. 

I also teach mediation in English to graduate-degree students at the University of Toulouse Capitole.


... Musician

Plays the cello (10 years at "Le conservatoire de Lyon)

Graduated in solfeggio.

... and Committed in various associations:

L'Arche à Lyon, a community life style of association where adutls with mental disabilities and others share daily life together.

Fondacio France, a movement offering sessions to teenagers between 14 and 18 years old for personal development and reflexion.

Dual nationality: French and USA.